What Connects Us As Women

Mother energy gracefully creates and nurtures life. It's a love, a soul, an intention, an essence; a beautiful gift to life everywhere. It's an element of the divine feminine - the magnificent presence that sustains connection, growth, unconditional love, and gives to evolution itself. It eclipses the common human narrow definition of what 'mother' is, whether meaning 'one who's given birth', or an 'ideal parental relationship'.

This Mother's Day, I remembered all those I've known who don't fit into those given determinant criteria - those who can't have children, those who've lost them, and those choosing not to have any; yet still love in one way or another. Those yearning to be mothers to children they don't yet have, others with strained relationships with ones they do, others not having gotten what they needed from their own mothers; yet who've all still embodied beautiful mother love energy.

I've known all of these women, in the form of friends, aunties, acquaintances, strangers, and although not fitting the mould cast of what 'mother' is assumed to mean, they've all expressed the divine feminine, giving me, and others around them, the gift of this energy. The heart-opening space of compassion, empathy, warmth. The holding vessel for vulnerability, healing, sustenance. The sense of communal woman connection, support, garnered knowledge. The nourishing generosity of their love.

These beautiful qualities of the divine feminine aren't held exclusively to conception, birthing, or the mother-child dynamic, because it's about something greater than that. Neither is it solely about something we generate and cultivate with others, but firstly and most importantly about what we connect with inside of ourselves.

Encoded into our DNA, imprinted into our soul, lays the collective tribal wisdom of our divine feminine. She, the essence of sensuality, strength in vulnerability, ebb and flow, calls us to deepen into our heart, our intuition, our pleasure, our expression and receptivity. She calls us to create, and to dance within an ever-morphing alchemy. She is present within, evoking us to fulfil this potential, honouring not only the birthright of all women, but the beingness of powerful feminine energy itself.

My heart breaks for those without connection or awareness of this core truth, both now and through the ages, controlled and submitted into denying this part of herself even exists. So this is for all of us, because it remains a deep part of our destined blueprint to bloom this abundantly to life - not only within ourselves, but also to raise mass consciousness and connection for all women everywhere.

Date Published: June 8 x, 2019
Last Updated: July 17, 2019
Samantha Ember

About The Author

Samantha is an empowerment Coach and writer who is passionate about helping people uncover and start living their potential by helping them become clear about what they truly wish to experience in life and business for a meaningful, fulfilling, important and inspired life. Samantha is the founder of Empower Your Potential™, and host of The Real Woman Podcast.


This article is also featured in Sibyl Magazine, Vol 14, Issue 6, June 2019, with the Headline: "What Connects Us As Women".
As part of my "Empowering Potential & Inspiring Possibility" Series


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